Spares needed for SBGZ two color cylinder


I’m in need of some spares for a Heidelberg SBGZ Two-Colour (Rotary + Flatbed) 56 x 77 cm / 22” x 30”.

Here’s my wishlist:
SBGZ351.001 (Smooth shell) or SBGZ355.001F (Wrap Around Shell)
SBGZ1234F (Brush for Rotary Cylinder)
KSZ 1251F (Brush bearing black D-S compl.)
KSZ 1255F (Brush bearing black O-S compl.)
SBGZ10123 (Splash Guard)

If you have any of the parts (used, refurb, damaged – whatever) pls. let me know!

All the best!


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Speak to senior graphic machinery (UK) or (Stateside), whittenberg.
I would advise you dont buy brush assemblys out of china ,in the case of this part go to the people who know their stuff , A word of warning i am out of touch with spares costs for these machines but the last brush assembly i bought left little change out of £300 and the brush was added to that . Things may have changed but these parts are never cheap .

Check with these guys.

I’ve used Demers. They are located in Florida. They had the parts I needed for my SBG.