Hurricane Sandy

Our 7.30 a m Your 3.30 a m Sunday morning, the thoughts and hopes of some of us, are with you in spirit, and as one our highly irreverent but also very sincere entertainers would close his show with “May your God go with You”

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re hurricane

similar thoughts from North Queensland, Australia.


by the time Sandy get to New England it’s only going to be a tropical storm but there is another storm coming the other way to join it so when this storm hits the northeast it will slow down and will be about a two day event. Its massive and from mid Maine to Deleware will be receiving heavy rain and strong winds, New Jersey is where the center of the storm should hit, i’m south of Boston and they already told us we might lose power for at least three days. Say a prayer for all those letterpress guys in New Jersey, Alan Runsfelt hope you make out all right.

Getting prepared down in MD- it’s already getting windy and we’ve had some rain- got the bathtub full of water, dragged all the outdoor furniture inside, and covered up the presses! Here’s hoping it will pass quickly and not knock out as much power as the Derecho a few months ago.

That storm has a sloppy wet storm system stalled over us here in northern Ohio, nothing like the east coast is going to see though. It fits in nicely with my Detroit Tigers getting routed in the World Series I guess.

Good luck east coasters!

Can’t blame the Tigers’ flame-out on Sandy now!

Yeah, it’s getting real interesting here in Maryland. There are many out of town power crews that are being moved to local hotels to be safe until conditions are safe to use their bucket trucks. I wanted to call my boss about work because was thinking my windmills would run best in windy conditions!!!

I’m concerned about The Arm in Brooklyn…there may be an enormous amount of water there.

DAN, speak up as soon as you can.

Hey! Thanks for your good thoughts! All high and dry here. I am getting word that there was water damage at Bowne & Co. Stationers. I am waiting to hear back, but am ready to rally the troops for a cleanup operation. Post here if you are local and would like to help and hopefully we can be made useful. If things are indeed soggy there these next couple of days will be critical.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Thought of you yesterday Daniel. Keep high and dry and take care.

I’d pitch in and lend a hand! High and dry at my shop as well, though it is in “Zone B” we saw no flooding. Just a lot of downed trees and metal signage and a light in the nearby (to the Arm as well) park.

Thanks, Mike.

Mark. I will let you know if the museum folks are ready for us. Things should be happening right now, but I haven’t heard back. Time is of the essence.



It sure was some storm. The east coast got pounded for sure. Here in northeast Ohio some folks have been without power since Monday. And from what have been able to understand, many won’t be back on until next week. I have heard that there has been damage as far as Wisconson. A local letterpress shop that I know I think has been closed for the week, as I have not been able to reach them. But wish everyone all the best and blessings.

I’m free all day sunday and monday if they still need help.

Heard on he news last night that the Bowne Museum had to throw away 270 type cases of type. Can anyone confirm this?

Regards from about 35 miles from NYC,
finally got my power back.
Steve V.

That’s how many were affected. They’re cleaning the type but not throwing any away. They will be replacing some damaged type cases though. Trying to find out how many they need. I have a few empty California cases were trying to figure out how to bring down for starters.

Dan, I can help you get them down there if you like- I wasn’t able to make it to the recovery effort, but I could donate some type cases that I have surplus to my needs (that is, if they can use any 2/3 cases. Were they all full cali cases?)

The Center for Book Arts has some California cases, too. We can bring down there. Just let me know.

Word is they’re ok for now but if I find out they do need some I’ll post here ASAP. Thanks.

South Street Seaport Museum just posted this to Facebook-

“To everyone who came to help out at Bowne & Co. – we just can’t thank you enough. If you would like to volunteer, and you’re available to help during the week, come to 12 Fulton Street at 10am for tasks including working on wooden and lead type, sorting the stationery archive, and helping clean the Museum building. Dress warmly—we still have no power or heat.”

nytimes on Sandy vs. South Street Seaport Museum with a photo of the type cleaning process.

Tonight (friday night) The Seaport Museum is celebrating their post-Sandy re-opening as well as the launch of Bowne Printers in their new space. Maybe some of you got the emails. The current email says to RSVP but I imagine people can just show up. 6:30 to 9:30pm, the museum is at 12 Fulton and Bowne is at 209 Water.

I take if back. They’re having problems w their lights and are postponing again.