Why does Kluge get no love?

I’ve noticed that C&P NS 10x15’s go for substantially more than a Kluge 10x15 with autofeeder. Recently on wired bids the price difference has been around $1,200! Why such a huge difference? Is it because people are more familiar with a C&P or they dont want to deal with the kluge feeder?

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People just starting into letterpress can learn hand feeding a C&P faster than learning how to set up an automatic press.

Once a person learns know it set up a press and get good printing, it easier to jump to a Kluge.

My kluge gets lots of love, in fact my wife gets upset cause i spend more time with the kluge than her.

I love my kluge :)

image: kluge love aka bling 010.JPG

kluge love aka bling 010.JPG


new age do not want to spent the time
learning how to run a printing press

hell they are afraid to get ink on their fingers
or use type wash

Kluge and the Meihle vertical do not have
a cult following

all seem to lust after proof press
hand feed then red balls

best letter press work ive ever seen
came from Kluge and Meihle presses

got my C&P free
it was a ex auto feed new style

ex local 2 PPAU

Hi All,
I have a 12 X 18 Kluge with a feeder. I cut a lot of .060 coaster material and can’t stop picking up doubles. I have tried adding
brushes to pre-seperate the coasters. They are not so flexible as they are only a 4” X 4” size that I am starting with. Don’t want to run larger sizes, as I will have to make more costly multiple up dies and have a imposition problem with my print supplier. Is the air seperation suitable from the Kluge pump, (which I cleaned out & rebuilt) Any tips on successful Kluge feeding will be appreciated. Best regards !!

what suckers are u using?