Identify unknown press

It’s very rare to find smaller presses here in Sweden, but now I’ve just found one that I have the chance to buy… I haven’t seen it IRL yet and just have this picture. I have browsed through all presses here on the site, but haven’t found the right one.
Is there anyone who can identify what kind of press it is?


image: 100_1928.jpg


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It could be a “Rapid” from A. Hogenforst in Leipzig
All the best from Denmark & Gott grüß die Kunst

Thanks! Yes it looks very similar, with a few modifications…
Do you know anything about it? Difficult to restore?
Doesn’t seem to be in top shape, would it still be worth to buy?


Why restoring it? Probably a very good clean and a de-rusting with the vinegar and lemon mix, some oiling and greasing should be enough to get it going. It looks like the press has been in use recently, a forme is still locked up in the chase.

Yea, it looks like a nice press. I think it’s missing the brake, but otherwise it looks great. If the price is ok I would go for it.
Gott grüß die Kunst

Thanks for the advice, I will have a look at it on sunday and hopefully buy it!

I was looking at the press yesterday, and you were totally right, it’s an A. Hogenforst “Rapid”. It seems to be in good shape, the rollers were nice too. Some more pictures below!

The brake is definitely missing… Is that a big problem, or can i live without it? I guess it would be hard to find a replacement.
And maybe a stupid question, but what is the roller above the platen doing?

I will give an offer for the press and various accessories tomorrow!

image: IMG_1430_600.jpg


image: IMG_1429_600.jpg


image: IMG_1428_600.jpg


image: IMG_1427_600.jpg


image: IMG_1424_600.jpg


image: IMG_1421_600.jpg


Looks like a nice little press!

The roller at the top of the ink disk is part of the ink fountain. You could use it for a long run, but not necessary at all.

Too bad it’s missing the brake, but again, it will not be necessary.

You should be very happy with this press !

This appears to be one of the several European versions of the Golding Pearl mechanism. If it follows the Golding design there will be a dwell with the platen open to aid feeding if the flywheel is run in the correct direction. As such it should be an excellent press for general work but be careful about heavy impression which can break the platen hinge bearing in the frame. With the third roller installed you would be able to use the fountain to maintain even inking for long runs. It is not clear in the photos but there appear to be bolts on the sides of the roller rails that would permit adjustment of the rails to type-high, an excellent feature if it exists. Good luck with this fine press.