Unknown typeface

Does anyone recognize this typeface.

It was given to us in a box of pied type a couple of years ago and we’ve only just gotten around to sorting it.

Can anyone help us put a name on this pretty little 10 pt Roman.


Doug Heise and Jinny Pearce

image: mysteryfont2.JPG


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It appears to be “Packard,” which is shown on page 244, in Mac McGrew’s book. In fact, I supplied the proof for that showing, I just noticed. There should be an alternate lower-case w & y, that looks like your v, as well as a v that looks like your w & y, too.
Dave Greer

Yes, it’s definitely Packard. I have a run of this face and like it a lot. Where did you pick it up?

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Thanks for the quick response! The insight about the alternative w & y was particularly helpful. It explains why I had such a devil of a time sorting those letters yesterday.

We got the type from a young graphic designer friend of ours here in Berkeley named Matthew Williams. He’s not a printer himself - which is why he gave the type to my wife - so he must have gotten it from someone else.

I’ll send him an email and ask him where he got them. He also gave us a beautiful 24 pt sans serif that we have yet to sort and identify.


Doug Heise