What year was this press made?

I came across this press last week and pulled it out of an old out-building where it probably had been for 25-30 years.

I would like to know what year this press was manufactured?

Here is what I know; the press is a Peerless job press, 9” x 13” with a serial number of 2838.

Any insight would be cool,
Thank you from Minnesota.

image: peerless3.jpg


image: peerless4.jpg


image: peerless5.jpg


image: peerless1.jpg


image: Turtle at legupstudio.com_.jpg

Turtle at legupstudio.com_.jpg

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There was a Type & Press article about Peerless Presses, but unfortunately, it is not one they put online:
< http://www.apa-letterpress.com/T%20&%20P%20ARTICLES/indexp.html >. Maybe someone here can dig that up for you.
The only Peerless I’ve seen was at Hicks Brothers, and had an unusual toggle or knuckle-joint action platen. It would be very strong dead-center but you’d need to center the mass of the form very accurately to prevent unbalancing the platen at the outer edges.

I had a Peerless platen press back in the mid 70s. It was a very good press, and from my memory, I think the toggle did a very good job of applying pressure in the center of the platen, but was not the only connection with the platen, so the form need not be critically centered on the platen to do well.

Ralph Green in his book on platen presses lists two companies that made Peerless presses. Globe Mfg. Co., Palmyra, N.Y. made a Peerless from 1875 - 1[9]18, and Peerless Printing Press Co.; also of Palmyra, N.Y. made a Peerless-Gordon from 1891 - 1900. The Globe Press was a simple clamshell press without a rotating platen, whereas the Peerless-Gordon was an old style Gordon. Yours appears to be the simple clamshell type, but I am only judging from what I can see in your photos.