Hamilton Wood Type Fundraiser at The Arm

I just want to make sure everyone had the chance to see all the beautiful stuff donated for tomorrow night’s silent auction and event at The Arm. In cahoots with Nick Sherman of Woodtyper, we are working to raise some cash for Hamilton Wood Type’s move to a more permanent home.

Come join us if you can!

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

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You did a great job with the shots. Good luck tomorrow.

Hi Steve,
Nick gets credit for the photos- I don’t have such a steady hand. Thanks so much for your contribution. We’ll be sure to report on the success of the evening as well as post some photos.


Wow, you’ve got some good stuff there. If there’s anything left over, will you make it available online?


Tried three different browsers and the link above gives me nothing more than a page with a 0 (zero) in it.
I miss the days when webmasters tried just a little for backwards-compatibility (like links for frames and no-frames pages).
Today it is just UPGRADE.

Parallel_imp - its a shame you couldn’t open that up because there was an absolutely fantastic amount of incredible things shown that went for auction today. I assume thyat what is shown is just the tip of the iceberg as to all the things they received for the fundraiser. I was not able to get there and it is probably just as well because I am sure I would have left absolutely broke.

Can’t wait to hear what the final tally brought. There was a similar fundraiser today in Chicago. It will be interesting to hear whaqt they brought in as well.

If you go to woodtyper.com you can see a lot of things that were being offered. Be careful - it just might break your heart to see what you missed.