Manufacturing date for C&P Pilot presses?

Has anyone seen any information about dating Chandler & Price PILOT presses? I’ve found lots of information on the internet dealing with dating of other C&P presses, but none for the Pilot. Mine is “204” (at least that’s the only number I see on it).

Thank you for any information including the “dating a pilot” jokes (which get funnier with each time you hear them). Sigh.

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The ‘204’ you are finding is likely a part number. If your Pilot is a New Series you should find a serial number on the top left side of the chase bed. However I don’t believe there is any database of Pilot serial numbers that include manufacture dates.


Thanks Brad and I think you are correct. I see “204” is listed as the platen part number on the C&P Pilot parts list and it appears on my platen, so I was incorrect in believing it was a serial number for sure. By the way, my press is an “old style” so it’s place in the Pilot press lineage is really nebulous.

We have been told that C & P began production of the Improved Pilot (N.S.) in 1914. Many Pilot presses (and the replicas) that we have restored have numbers stamped into the chase bed, but not usually on the face (like the floor models) rather on the edge which faces up and to the left of the chase lock. I understand that these are likely serial numbers stamped by the owners… as asset numbers.


Thanks Tom. Just knowing my Old Style C&P Pilot was manufactured prior to 1914 provides me with the due respect this fine old girl deserves. The only number on the chase bed that I could find was, “203” and that was the one stamped on the chase hook (and I looked with a magnifying glass and looked for lighting shadows in case the stamping was eroded or not well-defined). But, like I said, “pre-1914” is close enough for me. Thanks!


My mistake…

My fingers crossed the keyboard in the wrong pattern and I typed “230” instead of “203.” Indeed “203” is the only number I find anywhere near the area you descri bed and it is on the chase hook. Thanks too for the offer of the parts list. I’ve got a copy already but appreciate the offer.