C&P Pilot surface care and chrome-like handle

I’m in the process of “spiffying up” my C&P Pilot press and she’s looking pretty nice now. My remaining question is this: After brushing away the surface debris and polishing all the surfaces is there anything I should rub on the cast iron to protect it and give it a nice sheen?

Also the lever (yoke?) handle was originally manufactured with a shiny chrome-looking finish. Approximately half of this finish has cracked and broken away from the bare metal. I know I could do things like paint over it or glue or heat shrink something to replace it…but does anyone have any suggestions as to what product I could get that would provide a similar chrome-looking finish? I will likely have to steel brush away the remaining finish because the edges of the finish that remain are somewhat sharp and a press run of any size would result in abrasion to one’s palm.
Thanks to any and all for help and advice!

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Unless that was a commemorative edition Pilot, the handle was probably not chromed from the factory — my guess is that is an after-market coating. You might do better to clean it off and, if you want a durable finish on the handle, have it powder-coated in a color to match or contrast with the rest of the press. But most or all others were just painted.


Worse than a paper cut , emery it out and polish it , age and use will put a patina back that will look normal in a couple of years .