Parts Needed

Hey all, Paul Moxon came to our shop and told us we needed a worm cresent, carriage latch spring x11022, and bushing for ryder. I’m new to maintaining my press have only had it for a year. Its a Universal Hand III. I’m wondering what these items are and where I get them? Thanks

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Your primary source would be NA Graphics which will stock some of those parts, or be able to help you find them.

JHenry is right. I bought a Crescent from Fritz in October last year.
He might also have the bushing for the rider, if not, then a competent machinist can make you one, I believe this is brass. And the carriage latch spring is something Fritz probably has.

When I made these recommendations, in October, the carriage latch spring was on back order at NA Graphics. Fritz has them now.

Thanks everyone for your helpful comments. Much appreciated.