Fixing an Adana HS2 letterpress


I am basically a beginner, and i have recently purchased a Adana HS2 letterpress to do my wedding invitations on.

But having taken little bits apart i have noticed a lot of rust and in one case a bolt has snapped off, any help with cleaning and maintenance would be very much obliged.

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Look up adana on the web and you will find a company that sells refurbished adanas from old new stock thay will be able to furnish parts ,if no joy then re post and i will dig out the relevant shaft you need to replace .

Thanks Peter, was just after the name of that part so I know what to ask… I found a company called Caslon, I’ll try them.


There are adana drawings on this site ,someone with better idea will point out where i hope .

I have got a couple of rusty Adana 2s up and running and it is not too difficult. Soak all the rusty nuts with penetrating oil before starting. Presumably somebody had a go previously and ripped the nut off the end of the rod.Take off the steel parts and rub the rust off with fine abrasive paper, then dip in lemon juice. For the alloy parts just dip in lemon juice but watch the timing so you don’t end up with a lot of grey sludge.

If the main spindle is stuck it is probably due to old oil solidifying, knock it through with a wooden mallet. Remove all of the old oil/grease.

When you reassemble remember, remember, remember to put the roller arms on the right way round.

Leave the roller saddle arms and springs off while you tighten the main nuts up. To ensure the roller arms are parallel temporarily bolt a piece off metal across the end of the roller arms putting the bolts through the holes where the roller saddle arms go.

The most tricky bit is setting the ratchet to turn the ink disk, this might require a bit of experimenting.

To set your bearer chase lock up a large piece of type in each corner of the chase. Put the packing on the platen, about 8 sheets of news print. Ink the type and test print on a light paper adjusting the 4 retaining screws at the back until all 4 characters print evenly. The manual for Adana 1&2 printing machines is on this site.

Finally keep all steel parts and joints oiled with light machine oil, especially the ink disk spindle.

I was in Caslon last week and they don’t carry spares for the No 2 press other than chases that come in, new rollers and the odd ink disk. I can only suggest looking on eBay for a No 2 being broken up, or get an engineer to make a new rod for you.

Platenprinter – thanks a bunch mate, thats a fantastic help!

I think the current rod has rusted in place, so before I do any cleaning its probably best to acquire a rod from elsewhere first.