Needs these Intertype parts

I posted photos of the area and parts that got broken on the Intertype moving.
Harris Intertype Model C4

Here the photos:

Sales # S 023060
Machine # 32916

Thank you
Aaron Poscovsky
Three Cats Publishing

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I have some misc V-50 parts I would like to give as I know they will be going to a good home.

Send me a message once you get settled and I bring them by your new shop and get a tour.

Also, call Don Tucker at Capital Business Forms in Oklahoma City. He has Linotypes, but does know a lot of folks and may be able to point you in the right direction for a parts machine.

If you have not called Dave Seat at Hotmetal Services, he can probably help you as well (615) 754-5500. Dave travels around the country working on Linotype and Intertypes, etc. I think he will be in Houston in the next month or so. I am trying to get his assistance to proactively replace the carriage bearings on our Vandercook UNI III.



email at: [email protected] on the V-50 parts

stuart pyle emailed me he has the parts fro the Intertype and is sending them to me.

Did Don Tucker once work here in the Houston Area?


I am pretty sure Don is a life long Oklahoma boy.

Glad you found the parts.



If you live in Houston, Tx can you come back and teach how to run the V-50?

Fritz with NA graphics email me that if I do not know how to run the V50 I could damage it.


[email protected]


Fritz is correct, but I think that you will be fine.
I am not a Meihle operator, but happy to come by and assist if possible.

The key is to obviously make sure that you do not do anything to inhibit/jam the drive or ink train. In that regard it is similar to most autofeed presses. I do know that the castings on the ink train are fragile, so you want to make sure that you do not screw that up.

I will email later in the week. Do you have it setup from an electrical standpoint?

Also, do you have the manual?


electrical ready

Old manual

The shop is on Westpark near Fountainview.

Do you live near that location?


The key to a the Vertical is also to only open the gate at the points outlined in the manual and to have the cylinder in the appropriate locations when you unlock it to mount/adjust the tympan/packing. Also be sure the set the cylinder locking latch before running the press. If those items are attended to, there should be far less opportunity for damage to occur.

dupe post

Thank you,

I want to thank Stuart Pyle of village Press inc for shipping me the parts I need for the Intertype.