Folding Score Cards

This is a simple question: I recently bought A6 lettra cards. the cards have been scored. After printing, do I fold the card with the crease or against the crease? Logic says with the crease, but I have been told to fold against the crease.

So which way do I fold them?


(I searched but did not find an answer. May be there, but it did not jump out.)

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I know that I have numerous printed pieces buried in my basement from hi end text and cover paper mills describing the technique.
If you score with the dent going into side A, fold away so that the side B corners come toward each other.
Think of it this way, you are compromising the fibers on the outside of the fold, so that they bend away easily.
I will look on line for a link and post it if I do find one.

Score or Crease
When using channel matrix or other method of creating female part of “crease” the side that the die or crease rule hits will be the outside(crease bead is on the inside). If just striking the stock and having something like soft stock or masking tape on the platen or cylinder”folding score” then the side hit by the rule is the inside( the fibres have not been relieved)
To most diemakers a score is a cut that assists folding. A crease is made with creasing rule. However most diemakers know that when a printer says score he/she means crease.
Heidelberg made cutting and creasing presses not cutting and scoring presses.
I am not correcting anyone’s terminology merely passing on that terms are used differently.
CarolinaPrinter- try it both ways and use it the way it looks/works best- I have done brochure and made the bead on the outside so the job could lay flat.
Good day all

Mike, thanks for the “education” about the difference between scoring and creasing. You are right that the paper has been creased not scored. (The paper vendor called it scored as well.) And I will try folding both ways to see what i like better.

Steve, thanks for your advice as well


And, of course, my figures typed “Score” and not “Scored” in the topic. I have a habit of leaving the “d” off words!

to Mike Conway

Now, that’s labour-saving, training your figures to do the folding; can you train them for other jobs too?


to Alan Nankivell
What are you talking about?

Figures/fingers. n/u. Maybe the website printed one sort upside-down…

I had the same question first time - these cards always fold in the direction that the fold is most easily accomplished - it just feels easier and lays better. It;’s worth folding one card to put that questions at ease. Neil

I ran two different jobs yesterday…one from the front with matrix…and the other from back without matrix. It depends on the job and the stock.