C&P Pilot 61/2 vs. Adana 8x5

Hi all,

Can anyone help me to decide between adana 5x8 with chandler&price Pilot 61/2x10 (aside from the printing area of course)? Based info from www.fiveroses.org (good source of info), C&P benefits to its long side arm which provides a lot of leverage for a good impression, where Adana seems to have credit for its popularity and “easy to operate”( i read this from few thread on this blog as well).

Wonder if anyone is using one of them can give some point outs of their pros and cons, the results, and where to find dealer that able to ship the item to indonesia?

Thank you.

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You might add to your list the “Boston” style hand press made in Europe based on the very strong and efficient Golding Official design. They show up regularly in ads and I would think shipping might be less from Europe than from US. There are several copies of the Pilot design also available in Europe. I’m not sure of the model names.


Penerelle, Friend, I cant tell about the availability of Back up, Spares or Repairs for C.and P. Here (U.K). or U.S.A. but I can state that here, we have good facilities for Adana,s, including Overhauls, Parts, Rollers, etc.>>Should you require I will happily do a little in depth investigating on your behalf.>>>E mail me if I can be of help. MICK

Mick it makes more sense just to put the sources up , otherwise you end up with twenty E mails a day !!!

I’m Adana 8x5. I do own a 6x4 rarely used. i use the Adana for card imprinting and they are light enough to lift into markets etc. I’ve only seen the tabletop C&P in photographs. The 8x5 Adana goes very sweetly with poly rollers eadily available in the UK. I own plenty of presses C&P old and new style and a Heidelberg black ball, but honestly the Adana is cheap - ink up in a minute orb two and wash up with just two rags. Fun, cheap and portable.

The C&P Pilot is larger and heavier than an Adana, and thus can give more impression over a larger area. The 8” x 5” Adana has some unique features that make it also a desirable press, but the light aluminum castings cannot withstand a heavy impression. The difference in weight is about 220 lbs for the C&P, and the Adana is about 32 lbs. I can say good things about both, but you will have to decide which is best for your needs.