setting type artistically

Peter Luckhurst has asked me to post a pic of a boxed set he has(he has more) to aid setting type in segments, arcs, also setting wavy rule maybe with vertical borders ornaments etc, we both think Briar would be interested as these sorts of things must be? quite rare ? Any other information would be appreciated too.

image: Peterspic.jpg


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These are known in the US as circular quads. I wouldn’t call them rare; in fact any founder’s type catalog at the turn of the 20th century would show them, But they were only made on true foundry casters, not on Monotype machines of any kind, so less common in the second half of the century.

There’s some more info in this post and a few others if you search the discussion archives.


Well, if he’s looking to get rid of them, I’m interested! Shipping to the US will likely be out of the question, though.

Apologies for the double post.