DeLittle wood font assistance

Hi, is anyone able to assist with an identification of this DeLittle font? Unfortunately I don’t have access to any of their type specimen books. It is only a single colour font, so please ignore the added shading in the attached proof.

image: DeLittleWoodType1.jpg


image: RosePosterForme.jpg


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The good news is that I found it. The bad news is that it had a number and not a name. The solid version of this font (your type) was designated as No. 103. There was also an outline version to make it a chromatic font. The outline version was designated as No. 105.

I have a turn-of-the-last-century Delittle catalog.


Thanks for this Rick. No. 103 is fine, although I think of it as the “worm font”. You are most fortunate to have an original catalogue.


“Victoria” is the name … i haven’t looked up the specimen itself, just the index and by that reference numbers (103 and 105) it is “Victora” (103 regular, 105 two color).


It is two years after-the-fact, but I just realized that you apparently indicated that you have some sort of information that assigns a NAME to Delittle’s reference numbers.

Would you consider sharing that????? It would be invaluable to those us us that have catalogs that only show the reference number of some of the faces. To be able to actually know their name would be spectacular.



Before you put your catalog away, does it show a face, similar to the outline one, at the bottom of my page, here:[email protected]/3919621818/in/set-72157622268... It only has the lower-case and figs. I suspect that it is a DeLittle face but have no other cap than the ‘K’, shown.
Dave Greer

Anorak time….Victoria was the Roman (if possible!) version, the italicised was called Regina. I have had both I think Delittle copied it from foundry type.

Hi Dave,

Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. I was down in San Antonio the day you e-mailed and I just got back home. It was vacation time visiting my son and his family and I never went near a device to check e-mail, etc.

I pulled out the DeLittle catalog I have and your font is not shown in it. Yours is more condensed than what is shown in DeLittle and although they have the sort of shading in some of their fonts, there isn’t any shading in the “soft” Art Noveau style like you have.


Thanks for checking, Rick! It will remain a mystery, for now.

Rick, my catalog incl. a two page “Reference Numbers and Classification of DeLittle’s Wood Letter” … I can make that available online somewhere if it helps


That would be absolutely fantastic. If you can even e-mail that to me as an attachment I would be happy to put that information on this site. That would be somewhat akin to the Rosetta Stone as far as deciphering the name of a lot of faces that only have numbers in some of the catalogs.

There is probably going to be a facsimile specimen book of Hamilton Wood Type faces that will finally let people put names to a lot of their numbered fonts, but I won’t steal the thunder on that one and let the person that is going to produce the book let everyone know when it will be available.


Ooooo! Pictures at 11:00!! Can’t wait.