Padding vs impression screws

Hi all - sorry if this has been asked previously, but my Adana 8x5 is printing unevenly, with poor impression.

I have done all the usual things - reset and cleaned the impression screws, practised loads of blind impressions to try and get the optimal settings etc.

I’m not wondering if it because the press doesn’t have very much padding. When I practised using some folded cloth underneath the paper, the impression was immediately better.

I guess my question is - what is the best material to use to create / replace the padding that is already there?

Thanks in advance,

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On the ones I use I have set them to one thick paper top sheet, 8 newsprint and one card.
Lock up 4 large pieces of type, one in each corner and keep taking prints on your normal stock until all 4 print evenly with little impression.
Once set leave the 4 screws alone
I also have two pieces of rubber under the handle stops so I can apply a little more pressure if I ever need to.

i have ocaisionally used a piece of rubber offset blanket too

Thanks both. I just seem to be going round in circles a bit with this. I do the ‘4 corners’ trick, and it seems to be fine, and then I ink up and print and its really uneven.

I’m sure it is the padding issue, I might try a conglomerate of paper and card, as you suggest, or perhaps a rubber sheet (I had one for my 5x3… must seek it out).

Thanks so much :)

Having set the press when you print on a larger area you don’t get the same amount of pressure so add a couple more newsprint. A soft packing of rubber, I use flooring vinyl, would be used for for wood type.
What is it you are trying to print? I presume you have tried leaving the rollers off and hand inking the forme to check the inking.