In for a penny…

Acquired this beautiful Cropper Peerless 8x5 over the weekend too. With this and the Vicobold I’m going to have my work cut out.

image: DSCN3676_zps779c3746.jpg


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luckily you have the main parts of the gadget cabinet too , all you need to do on that one is ink up!!
its a peerless , they make a bit of strange rumbling but are good machines .

This is what I was thinking off when I wrote on your Vicobold posting get a press that breaks into 3 parts, flywheel, top printing mechanism and base.
You have also got to take up wood working now to make the drawers that go underneath. :)

what else is on your wish list???

An Arab and then I’m done…
Maybe :)

Picking this up next week.

Does anyone have a photo of what it would look like with the drawers? Thanks :)

It is the same size as a Golding Pearl 1 so there may be a pic around of a Pearl and the drawers.

From the picture it looked like a base that took more than one drawer but in this one it is a single drawer.

Arab on ebay as I write 20 mins left at 3.10pm, you missed one in Ireland recently, 1 from Shewsbury also sold ,Patrick Roe has Arab’ s sometimes, I thought the Cropper that did not sell at £1500v nice as it had the complete disk inking system/duct …….been loads of treadles in Uk last few weeks, Golding Jobber no 7 looked really good, another nice press started in February I think about £1800 and has been reducing at £100 intervals so not sure where it is now…..

If anybody has or knows of spare parts for Arab presses… please tell me. I’m looking for a small or large ink duct, and original Arab chases. Foolscap size that is! Anything else will be welcome as well.

Thankyou Jonathan, I’ve been watching eBay avidly and bidding on a lot of the ones you mentioned. The Golding Jobber was beautiful but Hexham was too far away and the price just way outside my budget (I’m a postgrad student scrambling together funds for my PhD).
The Arab that went today was interesting but I was uncertain about the condition. I dived for the above because it looks to be in really good condition.

This way, I figure I have a long term project with the Vicobold; the above Peerless, which seems pretty much ready to go, and hopefully an Arab later to complete my collection.

At least for now. Though the cat and I are already pretty crowded out by all the kit. ,

Thomas, if no luck, Hugo Bos of would be happy to weld up a chase he tells me as he is moving into letterpress sundries, Rochat in london will make chases too. might just be easier to copy an ink duct and fabricate……….

too hot today to check my spellin’ and grammar, phew.

Jonathan, thanks for the information, but I’ve got three ‘homemade-welded’ chases with it. I really love the butterfly chases that originally came with the press and hopefully will find them one day…

I’ve got some Arab stuff including a long ink duct. They may be from a Crown Folio not sure whether the ink duct would work. Maybe some measurements to see if its any good. Ive had it awhile and cant remember which press its from!!!
Getting chases welded up at Rochat is going to cost at least one arm and one leg Jonathan!!! :)

Hi Albion_press — I don’t suppose you have a treadle for a Foolscap Folio Arab?

I was in Rochat’s last week, they had lovely shiny new Albions being assembled for export

yup, they are absolutely fabulous ,I dropped off a pin roller for recovering and bought tympan material for letterpress and litho too, always they make me very very welcome and we have a good ol’ natter to catch up and coffee: best etching blankets in the world.

ptreble-if none available, maybe you can “borrow” an original, Sandawana castings near Oxford can make a duplicate casting (pack out the bearings with card before the mould is made)then you just get it machined, it would be a fraction smaller , I had this done for a direct litho press frame stretcher, then Rochat machined it to size for me(they also know a good foundry!

Thanks Jonathan — The treadle I have (a piece of wood with a custom made connecting rod!) is useable. But if someone does have an original then I’d be delighted!

Err, I think I just have a treadle connecting rod. I will have a hunt round on Friday.

If this is a wish list i want a chase for the minerva (hs cropper press) can try to get at it with a tape measure in the near future if depressed enough to wish to be crushed under the junk!