Pressing probloem


I purchased my first letterpress machine, adana 8x5, a couple of weeks ago.

I made a plate and exercised to press but, it’s really hard to make pressing mark on paper.
just printed letters, not pressing mark.
I think my plate is not good for pressing.

please give me some tips!

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Hyonwoo Choi:

There are a couple things you might check:

1. Is the plate very soft? It could be the wrong type of plate as you mentioned. It has to be a hard surface plate or it will deform rather than making an impression.

2. Are you using a fairly soft paper? Those seeking to make a deep impression use a paper much like a blotting paper which impresses easily.

3. Have you made a good hard packing behind the paper on the platen of the press? If the packing is too soft, it is difficult to get a good impression in the surface of the paper.

John Henry

Can you show a picture of your plate, maybe your artwork is too large?