Value of my Golding Official Model 2…?? Please help…

I am trying to determine the value of my Golding Official tabletop press. I think it’s a model 2. Missing the ink disk and chase. The distance between the rails is approx. 7 3/8”. Press opens and closes nicely. I have cleaned it up since the photos were taken and it looks very nice with surface rust removed and with no breaks or repairs. Any advice would be appreciated.

image: g4.png


image: g1.png


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Do you have the ink disc and chase?

No, it’s missing the ink disk and chase.

maybe Daniel needs another door stop??

Thanks Dick, but my current doorstop Golding is still serving me just fine!


image: doorstop.jpg

There is a guy on here who is exploring making missing parts for letterpresses, maybe he could make them for you.


I see you didn’t get an answer so I will try. I also noticed you have it on Ebay and now the ink pawl is broken. I would suggest the value is between $100-$150. The problems and missing parts severely effect the value. I have restored and sold over 40 Golding presses including this model.


You could also try T&T to have the missing parts fabricated.

They’ve made some beautiful replacement parts for me and may even have a press in their inventory that they could reference for measurements.