Unknown letterpress

Please help me identify this press. The name tag is missing
on the back. Treadle model. Feed board needs welding and have I rollers that need recovered along with trucks. This can help me with new rollers. Ito is 8x12 and ready to run. Thanks

image: image.jpg


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I’m away from my resources until Sunday, but I think it might be a Lightning made by John Jones in Palmyra NY. That wide bracket for the platen looks familiar. I can check when I’m home. Please send me an email through BP to remind me if you don’t get a good answer before then.


I’m not positive, but it sure looks a lot like my Damon & Peers “Favorite,” although I have heard that models similar to this may have been produced under a number of brand names.

Check out the photos in thr thread below and see what you think.


Its a Dauntless made in New York by P.J Jennings and circa 1890. this type of press is a simple “cheap & cheerful” platen that was commonly made however quite rare. Glad you have one.We have one too which we have restored. I’d be very appreciative if you could perhaps send me a couple photos of the chase lock mechanism at the top of the bed as ours is missing.


Nick Howard ([email protected])