Wood Block Font Identification

Just found this box of blocks (over 80 of them), and I was curious as to what the font is and if they are rare. I’ve been trying to figure it out myself; but, I’ve struck out. Thanks for the help!

I’ve tried numerous times to attach the image; but, it would not work. So here is a link to it hosted on ImageShack: http://imageshack.us/a/img22/2674/ztcc.jpg

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Your font of type probably never had a specific name. It’s readily identifying unique feature is the curve at the top of the figure 5. When ordering it from the Hamilton Wood Type Company in the 1930s it would have simply been designated No. 4006, Class L.

Most faces (especially sans-serifs) simply had a number to identify them.

The other part of your equation is to also identify the specific size of your font. Sizes are measured in “lines.” One line equals 12 points. The point system may not make any sense to you, but basically 6-lines equal one inch. If your type measures 2.5 inches tall, then what you have would be identified as 15-line Gothic Condensed.

Plain, sans-serif, gothic wood types are probably the least rare or desirable faces. They survived and were used in most commercial shops, whereas the more ornate faces fell out of style and disappeared long before they did.


Thanks so much for the information Rick! I will keep all that in mine and I will try my hand at identifying the font size.