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Hello everyone,

I recently got this Challenge Proof Press, but I can’t find anything at all on it. I looked on a variety of sites. Does anyone know anything about it? I’m mainly looking for a manual, technical information, and a production year. The one odd thing is that the roller is wood and to make this functional I’m going to have to fill the pitted areas and coat this in “something”. If anyone has any ideas on how to make this functional again, please let me know. Thanks!


image: photo2.JPG


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that impression roller was coated with some kind of hard rubber (i think), i had one like it that had a bad roller, i placed the type in the bed of the press and used a thin offset blanket on top of the paper to make a good print. These presses were made to proof galleys of type so they could be proof read. i don’t think there was a manual for this guy, but i could be wrong.

New pic above


I have one of these in my shop. Great press, galley high, but, not sure what the material is except it looks to be leather.

Inky Lips Press

I have a larger (and possibly older) version of the press and the impression material looks more like hard rubber. There was some discussion on the LETPRESS list that indicates that Ramco Roller in San Dimas California can recover these kind of rollers.

I do believe the bolt/nut that fastens the roller to the side frame is set on an eccentric so one should be careful when replacing the roller to keep it parallel to the bed.

A photo of the eccentric arrangement on my Challenge proof press.

(hmmm, I’m not able to enter in a file name—must be a vacation function thing)— oh well, go to my flickr photo of it.[email protected]/7626757878/


Did you ever find anything more about this press? I believe I have a very similar one and am having a hard time getting the roller to fit on the bed. I can take pictures later, but I am wondering if yours was up and running and if you can help me determine if I am missing any pieces.


In discussion with Mr. Ramos at Ramco Roller, he indicated that they can recover the rollers that come with this style of proof press, obviously with a harder durometer rubber.