Stephenson & Blake

I have several boxes and many many packages of Stephenson and Blake (Caslon, etc.) and AWT foundry type of all sizes, still wrapped in the original paper. I’m looking to sell this and wonder if there’s still interest in this these days?

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A lot will depend on what type faces and what sizes you have. I suggest either posting a listing of the faces and sizes from the package labels (with typeface numbers if they are listed), along with prices, or posting a link to the list, and where you are located. Shipping with carefully-packed flat rate boxes (in the USA) is reasonable.


I would be very interested in certain Stephenson Blake faces and sizes. If you click on my name in green above, there is a link to contact me. Or, just post a list in the Briarpress Classifieds and we can all see it.

You will probably get the most $$$ for it if you sell it on eBay. If you do that, please let us know so we will look for it.

Where are you located?