Hot Foil Printing Problem - Kingsley

Hi all - just received a M-50 model Kingsley hot foil. Everything is set up and ready to go but for the life of me I can’t get the handle to move. It’s almost like it is locked in place somehow, but I don’t see where. If anyone has any experience with this, please let me know what I’m missing! I have photos below.

Thanks in advance!

image: DSC01947 (Medium).JPG

DSC01947 (Medium).JPG

image: DSC01948 (Medium).JPG

DSC01948 (Medium).JPG

image: DSC01949 (Medium).JPG

DSC01949 (Medium).JPG

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Try loosening the ID plate at the front of the machine. Sometimes they can be screwed down to tightly and can cause the rack-gear to bind. Make sure you pull the handle toward you, and double-check the depth gauge (on the left side of the ID plate) which may be set to low, not allowing the type holder to depress.


Sir, a few (possibly irrelevant but who knows?) hidden quirks thus:- resetable trip triggered on delivery, occasionally in the form of discreet rubber/plastic dome? . . Thermo coupled lock out switch only permitting operation at optimum operating temperature? . . Safety lock out involving seemingly unnecessary 2 handed contact for, fingers out of harms way, in initial *GO* mode as per auto, (car) fitted with automatic transmission whereby it is necessary to operate the BRAKES before selecting the DRIVE position? . . Automatic Safety lock out!!!
One more, normally when working on machinery it is logical to attempt to undo tight/siezed nuts by turning in the normal/usual way, i.e. anti clockwise for conventional threads, (left handed Vice Versa) But in a good %age of cases, 1 or 2 attempts at TIGHTENING rather than UNDOING often helps to compress/or relieve the build up of foreign bodies in the threads and result in release?? . . If all else fails just a possibilty, 1 or 2 upward strokes, with an Anchor assistant, and safety!!!
Is it just possible that as the machine involves (in essence) *Rack and Pinion* drive, stuck with congealed grease and/or compounded grease and foil dust/residue, almost unseen but gets everywhere. . >Air born and inhaled> ?
Apologies for (possibly) irrelevant suggestions, but if all else fails may just help. Good Luck . . Mick

is the white button (pic 3) possibly a lever lock?

Hi All
Wanting to stamp on pencils & pens is there a special gig
or do I have to make one
Have Marshall 1000
Also want to use photopolymer plates any special poly plate and tim setting
any help appraciated

I have the same model and the handle is on a 45 degree pointing forward and the square protruding shaft is out about 1 inch. It looks like somebody has pushed it too far back and disengaged the gear. Dave

Caboolture kid….
Google “slipcases” for foil blocking .they are just smalll enclosures for holding your single or leaded lines of type ,a form of mini chase designed for gold blocking machines .

I have a Kingsley machine and there is a special base plate attachment to specifically hold pencils so that they were in the proper position AND that a flat surface was presented for stamping. I do note that it recommends 8 pt. Copperplate as the face to use for the flat edge of the pencil.

I also have another foil-stamping machine that is buried in a crate at the moment so I can’t tell you the name. It is set-up to ONLY foil stamp pencils. The pencil is inserted into a channel. There are nineteen wheels on top that can be dialed-in for characters and spaces. Once you have dialed-in the name you want to print, you simply pull the lever and it stamps the pencil. This came out of a department store and I assume they kept it warm and simply printed individualized pencils in their customer service/wrapping department. No type to set, but you are stuck with a generic sans serif face.