Pilot Press Table or Base Measurements

I am looking to build a replica table for my pilot press. Can someone send me measurements of this table top? Below is a photo of the table I am looking to build.



image: 1117398606_bd437917cc.jpg


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Those stands measure about 25x25x25 inches. Make sure it is good and sturdy and can take some diagonal stress. The action of printing will really give it a structural workout!


Daniel would know best. If I’m not mistaken that’s a photo from his very own shop in Brooklyn.

I would also suggest that you secure the press to the table to make sure it doesn’t move, however slowly, across the table top.


Yes that photo is from the studio in Brooklyn. Thanks Daniel. Do you know the thickness of the wood?

The cabinets pictured were built of 3/4” maple.


T and T Press Restoration


Bear in mind these stands were built for school use. If you are taller than a junior high or high school student, it might need to be higher.

I don’t know how tall you are, but I am 6’ and feel that the 25 inch stand height is ideal- it puts the feed board right at my waist. It might be a bit tall for some of the smaller folks that print here at The Arm, but I haven’t heard any complaints.


I would say for me, 25” is probably my max height. I am 6’ 1” and have two presses one at 25” high (Childs School Desk) and the other is at 21”. I have long arms so I actually like the 21” inch height better when the arm of the pilot press is down. But I’ll probably go for a more accurate table top at 25” height.