Press and type identification & value

I am looking to sell my press (not sure what to call it-showcard press? proof press? sign press?) bought it 20 years ago. We have always inked the blocks ourselves, think it is supposed to be self inking…. we have an extra roller (pictured) although never attempted to fit it on… Below are some pics. It makes decent prints…What is the value and what would be a fair price for the whole lot?

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Having trouble putting on pictures …

Pictures will not post here if you use characters like ? or &. Simplify the name.

They also can’t be very large in size, Maybe 100K or less, if I remember rightly.

Michael Hurley
Titivilus Press
Memphis, TN


Here are the pictures of the press that you sent to be posted.
Please direct all questions and comments to mariekimko.

Glad to help.

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image: press4.jpg


image: press3.jpg


image: press2.jpg


image: press1.jpg


What a wonderful community! Thank you so much parallel_imp , mephits , and especially Ink spot for posting my pics. Anybody have any idea what it’s worth? It makes nice prints and the letters are great. I am not looking to make a lot of money, just have one too many presses and know someone could be using it!

Tabletop presses like this often go for a decent price, since they’re easier to move (and easier to use) than floor presses. I regularly see small sign presses on eBay going for prices in the several hundreds of dollars. From what little I can find online, the Reynolds Printasign Duplicator was a pretty good sign press, so it might be on the high end of that. I don’t know if it was meant to be an inker or not. The carriage at the back of the cylinder would seem to imply it, though.

The type is probably worth more than the press. Big type like that often goes for hundreds of dollars per font online.

Where are you located? To some degree, market also depends on location.

Michael Hurley
Titivilus Press
Memphis, TN

Please tell us where you are located mariekimiko.

I have been looking for a showcard type press that is in decent working order for some time. The trick is finding something that is within a reasonable driving distance from Toronto or that can be shipped.

Also, I’m not familiar with this particular machine — is that a pressure gauge on it?

@ Mephits…I almost didn’t realize this IS a table top because it is what looks like custom fitted into the supporting metal table. (looks to have been welded to fit perfectly around (but not to) the press). On this metal ‘table’ is a sticker that says Vanger/Jensen Roller Co. out of San Francisco. I am in Berkeley CA.

I have looked up Reynolds Printasign Duplicator and someone sent me some good articles, and I agree it seems to be a good press. what is odd to me is there seem to have been a lot at one time and now I can’t find even one to compare it to!

I am in Berkeley CA.

@wordgal …I am in Northern California. Berkeley CA to be exact.

Yes, that is a pressure gauge. It is very simple to work on. You literally install a line across the press and plug in the letters. Or print lino blocks or what have you. You put the gauge up or down in increments depending on the thickness of the blocks.

I have no idea about shipping services but bet it could be arranged. Or how about a trip to CA? Today it was a warm 70 degrees:)

@mariekimiko, we are in another “Polar Vortex” with daytime wind chills of -22. Oh how I would love to hop in the car, drive to CA and pick up that press! Alas, I don’t have a car. Or a drivers license (yet). I don’t know the weight of your press or whether shipping is even an option. Will you post on Briarpress when you put it up for sale? (Assuming it isn’t sold yet.)

Sure thing! Sorry about the wind chills of -22:( I will never again complain of being cold.
hasn’t gone for sale yet, still doing research. Not sure about shipping being an option. I had to have it moved here by a press mover years ago and that cost more than the press did. I will let you know when it goes up for sale.

Hi Wordgal & others,

Press is up for sale now. Here is a link to EBAY

Also posting it on Briar Press under classified as soon as it is reviewed. Thanks again all for your help!