Heidelberg Platen (Windmill)- Help Detectives!

Somebody has an answer to this right?

My problem is the Runner for the inking rollers is not riding on the track. The problem is worse on the return to the inking apparatus. I have a picture to show the gap. Suggestions on adjustment or repairs?

Thanks all!!

image: IMAG1963.jpg


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do you have bearings on the ends of the rollers??

I would check for debris buildup inside the arm, that could be preventing the shaft from retracting.

Check on the bearings.

An hint as to accessing the inside of the arm for a thorough cleaning. Definitely some dirty lube buildup in there.

I recently posted about this problem. I’ve been using the press, but not with rollers. It seemed to get a little better the more I oiled it, but I have a feeling that it’s a bent shaft. Hopefully yours just needs a good cleaning.