White Gas Source

This may not be an exact match of subject to forum. Inasmuch as I was having trouble locating white gas, which is recommended for soaking the air filter on top of the vacuum pump for my Heidelberg windmill, thought I would pass this along. Many folks probably already know this but Ace Hardware sells 1 Gal. cans of white gas. It is labeled as Camp Stove Fuel. Cost me $16.00 w/ tax incl. Since I bought a new air filter as part of recent maintenance of blast and suction on my press, I figured would be good idea to start
soaking the filter on monthly basis.

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White Gas is a bit of a misnomer, it makes people think that they can use regular gasoline for wash-ups. White Gas is Naptha. Gasoline has several dangerous carcinogens, breathing fumes can cause serious health problems, and the danger of spontaneous combustion is a danger as well. Naptha is also highly flammable, and should only be used with proper ventilation, but it’s not as dangerous as gasoline.


Coleman fuel used for camp stoves and lanterns is pure Naptha. Check the label, your sports and out door related stores will cary. Naptha products sold by home improvement stores for thinning or cleaning paint are not pure do not use.

If you have doubts about any solvent look up the MSDS sheets. Where you will find dangerous additives are not in the hardware stores, but in the graphic arts products like California Wash. The Naptha you can buy in hardware stores is safe enough for cleaning and thinning paint, why wouldn’t it be good enough for cleaning ink?


I believe it is the perfumes in the designer blend cleaners and thinners that cause inking problems printing your next job, definitely will if you use it on ink disk and rollers. Pure Naphtha is way to go it is recommended by rubber makers to.

Designer blend? Would you care to elaborate?

Klean strip sold at Homedepo is marketed as, use where ever Naphtha is recommended.

If you are talking about the product with contents that say that it is a mixture of many different solvents, then you would not be talking about Naptha, you would be talking about a random mix of substitute (and probably otherwise unsaleable) solvents. I wouldn’t recommend it, that’s why I have never mentioned it as a solvent to use. Home Depot does sell a quite pure Naptha. This is why you should do the research into the products you intend to use by looking at the MSDS sheets posted on-line.