C&P Pilot Missing a Bolt?

I think my Pilot’s arm is missing a bolt. I’m pretty sure there’s supposed to be something in there … is it something I can go to Lowe’s and pick up or is it very specific and I need to find someone here to order it from? I’m embarrassed that I didn’t notice until recently, and the press has printed without issue.

It’s an Old Style Pilot, but after taking the photo looking into the hole from below, I think that there is totally something missing. Woops!

image: pilot-missing-bolt.jpg


image: pilot-missing-bolt2.jpg


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According to this (http://www.drukwerkindemarge.org/handleidingen/cp-pilot-manual.pdf), I am indeed missing the 224SS, the Lever Set Screw… I feel like I should be glad nothing has fallen off in the middle of a job.

Is 224K, the Lever Key also missing?

From your photo, the channel cut into the lever is evidence that your press is using a key stock to hold the lever in place. In this case the the lever set screw would prevent the lever from sliding off of the shaft upon which it is installed. Some O.S. Pilots have this set up for key stock (usually square), other not. It seems to depend upon the age of the press. Nearly all N.S. Pilots use a Woodruff key.

Some O.S. Pilots have non standard threaded fasteners. We have seen all sizes and thread counts. If you source a new set screw be certain that it starts and continues with little or no resistance, while the lever is off the press. Some set screws have a cone shaped end that fit into the like sized pocket cut into the bottom side of the shaft. Others no pocket just the evidence of an interference fit. Many Pilot (O.S. & N.S.) shafts are found to be cracked in the area of the cut away to house the key stock.



Thanks, Tom.

Would you have any set screws available? Maybe I should pick up a few different types and then send back the ones that don’t work. I’ll send you an email sometime today when things at my office job aren’t on fire! :)