Hohner 6.5” x 10”- broken?

We have a Hohner platen press and have been printing on it for a little over 2 years. Today when printing, I heard a loud snap sound from what I think was the back left corner of the press.

It’s now printing strangely. Most noticeably, when the rollers hit the ink plate they seem to drag a bit as if the ink is quite tacky (but it’s not). Additionally, an area of the plate that was printing nicely, with a slight impression, is now printing badly with no impression.

We’ve inspected the press pretty thoroughly and can’t see anything that appears to be broken or out of place.

Any ideas?

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The Hohner is a pretty stout press, which I recall has an impression mechanism similar to the Golding Official. I’d check carefully (maybe you already did) the platen pivot shaft bearings in the frame/base and where the shaft passes through the platen. Sounds like one or the other may have cracked. Are you pushing the capacity of the press with heavy impression?