19th C Script Font ID

Here is a 36 pt script font in my collection that I’ve been unable to identify. I assume it is 19th Century, as it isn’t in the 20th Century catalogs nor reference books I have.


The font came from a shop that had other early fonts from Keystone and from Farmer.

Michael Vickey

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I believe that the script shown is Stationer Script, cast by Farmer, Little. It was designed by William W. Jackson, November 27, 1888.
Dave Greer

Thank you, Dave. I found the Farmer, Little Stationer Script on page 67 in the Loy/Johnston/Saxe book “19th C American Designers & Engravers of Type” and it is a match.

I have Stationer Script in 3 sizes, the 36 pt being the largest.

Was Stationer Script issued by ATF at all? I can’t find it in my catalogs.

Michael Vickey

Farmer was not part of the “Trust,” so I don’t think that ATF ever had the mats, or wanted to copy it, since they had similar faces, such as Steel Plate Script, originally cast by Central.

I have 3 sizes of Formal Script Ludlow Mats.

I wish I had purchased the larger sizes. I only have 14, 18, 24.

I have 30 Pt. what do you need set?