block letter press - print needed

Hi, I’m looking for someone with a block letter press to pull a few prints (5 x 7) with a date on it. To cut costs I’m trying to avoid needing a plate made, thought the block letter press might be the solution— a fellow printer sent me here. I am willing to pay, but of course. Let me know. Attached is a pdf - the font can be whatever block type face numbers you have.
I am then pressing this thru my puzzle maker, for a wedding date puzzle (requested by my client)
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image: Screen shot 2014-04-28 at 11.03.39 AM.png

Screen shot 2014-04-28 at 11.03.39 AM.png

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I am guessing that there will be zero responses (except this one).

1. If you are expecting to get an image somewhat similar to your photo, getting white type on a colored background is very difficult because there are not any white opaque inks that will produce a clean white image in one pass on top of a darker background.

2. If you are expecting a date line that is proportionately similar to your image, on a 5” x 7” card, that would require a font that would need to be around 84 pts. in size. I am guessing that there are extremely few (if any) existing fancy script handset fonts existing that are this size.

Just a reality check.


It is of course appreciated that a Plate, Block ,even P/P would have to be involved, but is it just possible to think in terms of a reversed out image, on ANY, coloured card with a nice clear (Non) image, from the *Gill Sans* range to give a nice sharp relief result. 40/50 years ago Up Market Business cards, in this format, were the norm, from copper engraved/process plates, mounted to type high on *Monotype* 3em x 3em high quads,

Mick is right on it. This would work well as a reverse on white stock. It would probably also work better with that other form of printing. The color would lay down better than with letterpress.

Inky, Thank you for your corroboration, I and probably a few others tend to get a little sad when we realise how much has been forgotten or ignored, from yesteryear, perhaps it is all being overshadowed by all the Crash Printing, Deep impression, Printing on *Blotting Paper!!!*, Embossing/Debossing, etc etc. all on Beautiful machines that were never intended for such.??
One more *Blast from the past* probably long forgotten, (although I believe, not illegal, but frowned on Stateside?) Image printed on any colour paper/card and dusted with one of many Beautiful colours of fine dust, I have at least five i.e. Gold, Silver, Crimson, Aquamarine, Blue, INSTANT Colour repro, throw back from 50,s 60,s to produce first proof (for the customer) in 2/3/4 colours via a minature set of Hand Brayer,s, interchangeable wheels at 1/4” 3/8” 1/2” up to 3/4” 4 colour proof in 90 seconds flat!!!
It was known!! (So we heard!) for unscrupulous Comp Apprentices to print the odd Party Invite, 2/3 colours, for the Girl(s) in the finishing dept!!!. Inky Thanks, we may get one or two looking back.???

Great thoughts boys, but the whole original querry was to get someone to handset the type and print a few copies just so that they WOULD NOT have to go to the expense of having a plate made.


I like Mick’s idea.

Failing that, maybe the customer would go along with the blue card (of blue paper), with a printed date which was darker than the paper. Maybe dark blue, or a light red (to make a purple on the card), or …..? The main goal is to make a puzzle with the date on it, so the colors may be negotiable.

I have some 84 point Trafton Script…wouldn’t mind some more. I know of one other font, but he isn’t selling.

(It still wouldn’t print well as white on a darker color without a lot of work. The only similar thing I’ve seen required 7 layers of perfectly registered ink…beyond my skill level)

What about using white foil?

digital on pressure sensitive apply to whatever card stock you want to bulk it up then diecut..cheapest way to go.

white foil is a good idea but seeing as its for a wedding and you want it letterpress if the customer agrees to a metallic silver ink I have found this covers colours even black card

White foil would work but without a plate - it isn’t the best idea. The heat softens the type to point where it damages easily under pressure. Not enough pressure and opaque white foil can leave a chalky appearance.