10x15 Windmill redball Foil Holder

Does anyone have a resource for the foil holder that bolts under the chase on the 10x15 Redball with the factory foiler? I’ve tried Whittenberg and a few random resources but so far have turned up nothing.

Basically, I’ve got a working foil puller but no way to mount the unprinted foil roll. Any potential contacts would be appreciated for either the Heidelberg unit or an aftermarket solution.


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This is probably a dumb question but do you have a broken one? Any idea what yours is supposed to look like?

I am just getting my feet wet with foil myself and have one that pulls from below the chase and it looks like it could easily be replicated to some degree.

This is what mine looks like and it also looks as though it was fabricated or broken and welded back together a few times.

image: photo(4).JPG


image: photo 1(3).JPG

photo 1(3).JPG

I don’t have one at all. The rod you’re using looks like it would be super easy to fabricate.

My concern is that there isn’t a whole lot of room under the platen and if the offset on the rod isn’t right there might be some “interaction” with the roll of foil or the gripper mechanism.

I’ve been hoping to find a proven solution to just drop in but it’s starting to look like that might not be possible.

Yeah I don’t think we have many options when pulling from below the chase like this unless you fabricate something like the Profoil unit uses. I can give you the specs on mine as best I can if you wish.

Have you tried Lutz Machinery…..their web site isn’t the greatest but talking to Henry over there did shed some light on my foil unit.

As far as help goes you are right……not much info or help out there for the old foil units……making me wish I just bought a new foil unit instead of thinking……Hey, I’m getting a press And a foil unit for almost half the price!

Thanks for the tip on Lutz Machinery! They do have what looks to be a replacement for the factory holder. It isn’t cheap, $550, but what part for the windmill is….

Glad to hear that it sounds like you have a line on something that will work.

If you do buy it and don’t mind….please post a picture of your foil set up and that new piece…. I may have questions for you! ;)


Already ordered it.

Will absolutely post pics. Just got everything speced for the electrical but haven’t had a chance to install it. Wading through cartridge heaters, temp. controllers and thermocouples made finding the foil bar seem painless.

Is your rewinder a factory heidelberg unit or aftermarket?

After sending pictures to Paul over at Lutz he said it looked like a Gold Boss Liepelt system. I believe Dick G on here said the same when I contacted him about it and he saw the pics.

I have mine all wired up and ready to go now, I just need time to figure out how to set it up. I have no clue as to what goes on the platen? I think this piece I have a picture of was taped to the just the platen but I’m not sure.

I also bought some 3m bonding film heat tape to attach it but have no clue how it works as it does not seem sticky. I know the heat activates it ( I believe) but how do you transfer it to the platen 1st?

hahahah…It’s hard to believe that I know how to run the press but this foil stuff has me confused!

image: photo(8).JPG


That is phenolic board, it is indeed taped to the platen but with regular cellophane tape.this leaves the ability to slide makeready under it. I use the heat tape to hold 1/2” foam on the hot plate to keep foil from preheating. You should buy more phenolic as it will show impression just like packing and that affects jobs negatively. Owosso Graphic Arts, API Foils and Infinity Foils all sell this and other stamping makeready supplies.

Phenolic is good for crisp fine work. However as image gets heavier you often require a softer material on the platen. most foil suppliers sell red board or poly sheets along with phenolic. short runs often okay with pressboard.

Note too that these stamping supplies come in a .030” thickness and .060” you want the .030” as the 060” is for Kluges etc.

Village Press Inc & Mike Conway thank you very much for the priceless tips and information!!

It is greatly appreciated!!