Is This a Printing Press?

My father was a lithographer all of his life and I found this pictures (among similar other ones). I don’t even know if it is a printing press (if so the paper is small). Could anyone help me to identify what this is?

image: Image3.jpg


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I see lots of cylinders and paper winding through the machine, but I don’t see any inking mechanisms anywhere so I would be surprised if this is a printing press.


That is a rare machine, it’s a miniture paper machine, makes a roll of paper and was made as an exhibiton model.

Early Address-o-graph Machine, web fed, (possibly) ,& is that Compressed air? a few inches from the operators left hand? is his foot, pointing at combined Pressure/Vacuum pump. Why so many heads…..
Silly suggestions,! Apologies.

Paper making machine, often used in teaching situations at the college level and sometimes by the paper companies to experiment. These show up in older Inalnd Printers from the 1930s/40s and there were several of these made.


When I was a student at Miami University in the late 60s the paper technology program had one of these. I even got some paper from it and printed a piece on it.