Heidelberg Platen Questions

Hello -

I searched here and on the internet, but haven’t found answer to my question yet… Do Heidelberg platen presses require bolting to the ground to prevent any movement during operation? I know they need a drip pan. Anything else? Thank you!

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Lag to floor is not required.

as any machine it needs to be leveled.

As already implied, no anchoring to the floor in the accepted sense.
When our U.K. Fitters, Engineers, etc. install 10 x 15 or 13 x 18 the drip tray is bonded to the floor, not for anti creep, but to prohibit all the crap creeping underneath, which eventually it does!!
Plus the 4 corners, of the drip tray, are always screwed down for the same reason.
Then the M/c is levelled with, 8 (4x2) wedges, hardwood or industrial nylon, very fine taper(s) each pair opposed on installation, gives excellent levelling, x 4, over and above 1 wedge per corner, and then bonded as well.!!
Occasionally the super cautious, (owner operators rather than installers) use cavity/gap foam filler etc, to seal front and both sides. Good Luck.

Thank you! Your answers are much appreciated.

I have another question. I’ve been looking for a 38” x 55” drip pan and can’t seem to find one large enough. I called a few stores locally and came up empty handed and found one online at Killarney Metals, but it seems expensive. Any ideas where to find one?

Find a local fabricator of HVAC duct work and have them make one for you?


Of course, you may be unfortunate and a long way from Metal Suppliers or Steel stockholders.
If you are fortunate and Vice Versa, call them up and ask for *Zyntec* steel sheet,!! you may be well surprised, it is chemically plated, (i.e. modern version of old fashioned *Galvanised Hot dip, Sheet*) it comes in many thicknesses, more than adequate, for virtually any machine to stand on.
It is Guillotined at point of supply, (stockholders) assuming prices are close to U.K. spec, it is (pro rata) very cheap, for the flat sheet, then from the same source. S/S 4 lengths of 1/4 round crescent moon strip, (reinforcing and oil retention, inc, absorbent granules)
Drilled and riveted with either, aluminium or copper rivets, approx, every 12” or so.!! Corners Butted or Chamfered, How nice to look.?

It really IS NOT rocket science, a first grade, metal work student would do it as an apprentice piece.??
OR pay a fabricator 10 times the price.

Here in U.K. *Zyntec* is almost treated as sacrificial, Bales of steel sheet, Mild Steel, Stainlees Steel, Etc etc arrive with Zyntec strapped as protection, top and bottom, because the edges are bent from the STEEL strapping Bands, it is not unusual, with just a friendly approach, little pleading poverty and insanity, for the guillotine operator, to acquire a sheet for Peanuts, of course, modest outlay for the rivets.
UNLESS time is of the essence and/or Expense is no Object it really is quite easy,!! Obtain a quote from a fabricator, just for fun. Good Luck.

Apologies, Just worked out Where you are. One little call to the Museum of Print Dublin, may also bring a little help, for your quest, They are, *on the doorstep* metaphorically, Like minded, Dedicated, Helpful, L/press, devotees.!!

Last time I moved my shop (1999) found that all my drip pans were rusted through, I haven’t had any since my move, every few years a scrub the floor around my presses to get the old oil up, the ones that drip the most I put a little kitty litter around them to soak up excess oil.

Bob, thanks for the suggestion. Found a local shop to make the drip pan and it was very affordable.