Multigraph and polymer plates


I just got my hands on a small WAM rotatory type press, this is a german (Berlin) made rotatory manual press used to print etiquettes. It uses special “kurztypen” type or as I seem to realize the equivalent of the US multigraph type. Now even this type is still made actually by M Gerstenberg in Germany (what a chance) I would like to use this press also for polymerplate printing. Especially with solar plates or equivalent.

I read on the web that some people use polymer plates with their multigraph. I am new to this and wonder if somebody here give me more information on the matter. Especially, which type of plates can be put around the cylinder and how do you fix them. Thanks in advance,


image: wam1_2014-09-11-221516.JPG


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Assuming your WAM press uses some of the same basics as a Multigraph (or the British Roneotype), they did actually plan for (and use) rubber plates, the vintage equivalent to photopolymer plates. I gather the rubber plates were usually metal-backed, rubber mounted on a thin brass sheet. They could be held on with the little overhang on the end of every “line lock clip,” the little spring-steel thingies that keep the type from sliding in the slots. There were also other methods of holding plates on, but you’re most likely to have the line clock clips.

The problems you may have with photopolymer plates are the height from drum to printing face (type is about .092” I think, while photopolymer plates are thinner), and that I’d guess your WAM ticket press has a smaller diameter drum so bending/holding the plate on a tighter radius may be an issue. Multigraphs usually had an 8” diameter drum (or 6” on the “Junior” line), what’s the diameter of the drum on your WAM?

So using plates on your press should be workable, just some details to figure out.


Hello Dave,

thank you for your help. Voila: The diameter of the drum is only 2.5” (6.5 cm), so this will be very small. It’s kind of a can;)
What kind of photopolymer plates would be suitable for this? Perhaps the metal backed would be difficult tu bench.

The idea with line lock clip seems very good, I have them and they have the overhang…