Explanations of good work

There are a lot of really good people printing via letterpress that are doing really interesting work. Personally, I would love to hear about those projects. I feel like LetPress and BriarPress are just going around in circles for technical issues (not minor to the person with the problem), but just the same kinds of basic issues.

I’d just love to see some people post their favorite project (or something in that ballpark) and talk about it. Where did the idea come from? Is there anything in the production that others of us would like to know about?

And then those that read the note and really, really want to write something negative would just take a deep breath and go to the next note.

I even wish there was a different topic heading and not “general discussion.”

Someone give it a try.

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The flickr photo group


has over 17,000 photos currently posted showing all things letterpress with a heavy sampling of work being produced. This includes some very nice letterpress work being done in Europe and South America. Many of the photos have no explanation of what the photo is about but they are mostly self-explanatory anyway. And comments can be added to each picture by the viewer.


…whilst here in the UK (with or without Scotland!) we have some ‘letterpress exchange’ groups running. Simply find one willing coordinator and 20 printers post in 20 copies of their best work, the coordinator collates them all and six weeks (or two years!) later, a lovely fat envelope arrives in the post with 19 glorious pieces of other people’s letterpress work. Great fun to do. Here’s a link to last Christmas’ card exchange kindly compiled by ‘Mostly Flat’.
Cheers, Gordon

Great idea. Just don’t tell anyone if the work is for sale! :-)