Unload your rubbish on eBay

You can now get some excellent top sheets for your press on eBay.


You may think it looks likes sheets of pink continuous stationery, evidently the seller thinks it has something to do with letterpress printing.

Now how do I describe my broken snorkel mask strap for some idiot to buy?

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Those look like wash-up sheets for offset duplicators.

Adana top sheets are pin bar?? They sure look like washup sheets.

On behalf of New (would be) L/press enthusiasts, Thank you for the Link(s) to “ADANA” top sheets.
Absolute load of C**P from The Top, close look at the stated size = 20” x 15(WHAT)?compatible with No Known (as yet) Adana.??
The 8 x 5 can only accomodate a top sheet EXACTLY 10” wide by EXACTLY 8” deep, i.e. 7 1/2” plus 1/2” for the Top return.!!!
The platen proper is exactly 10” wide, x 7 1/2” deep.
Top sheet is gripped, at the bottom, by a transverse bar, that locates Outside/Below the bottom of the chase on impression, (there is no bottom bale arm)
The top sheet can only be 8” deep, (a) only to cover the platen with packing underneath, but with, (b) 1/2” return, only, to sit under the Top Bale arm, The top and only bale arm is sprung, and so comparatively tight, that one sheet only, of Manilla/Tympan, can be gripped.
The opportunist Seller has probably seen Adana,s publicity from many years ago, stating that *blotting paper* plus news print, can be used as compound packing, under the top sheet.
On a regular basis, Adana,s appear on E,bay *in good working order etc* but without rollers of any description to prove or justify.???
Hence, Thanks on behalf of the New Ones.

How the Sellers get 100% positive feed back is a mystery, perhaps the Buyers are too embarressed to take issue.?