Questions on New (to me) ATF Little Giant No 6

So I just purchased an ATF Little Giant No 6 a few weeks ago and now I have some time to figure out how things are supposed to work. I downloaded the user manual, but it doesn’t help me quite as much as I was hoping it would. I was hoping for more diagrams. I have a number of rollers (eight), but based on what I’m reading in the manual I should have nine. As you can see, a couple of the rollers have melted and made a bit of a mess. So, I guess my first question would be, can someone help me identify the rollers I have and where they go? Also, what roller am I missing? I’m going to need to get the melted rollers re-covered. Is there a shop that would be recommended for these rollers? I’m also curious about where I can get consumables like suckers. I read in the book that they actually had three different styles available at the time - should I be looking for different versions for different stocks? I have the heater, which I’ve only seen on one other LG. I haven’t tried plugging it in yet - I was too afraid! Does anyone have any experience with it? I just got some Simple Green and I’m working on getting it cleaned up right now, but any advice or suggestions anyone may have regarding this press would be greatly appreciated! It was used for scoring and perfing until just a few years ago and I’ve managed to send sheets through manually (no 220 available yet), so I’m very excited to start using this beauty! Please share any and all thoughts!


image: ATF Little Giant No 6.jpg

ATF Little Giant No 6.jpg

image: Melted Rollers.jpg

Melted Rollers.jpg

image: Left Roller Rack.jpg

Left Roller Rack.jpg

image: Right Roller Rack.jpg

Right Roller Rack.jpg

image: ATF Heater.jpg

ATF Heater.jpg

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Congratulations on your “new” Little Giant Model 6. It’s a great press. You can see pictures of mine, as well as a video of it in operation at my website.

Feel free to contact me (there’s an email link at the website) with your questions.

The BriarPress private messages never go through for me - so use my email.

Michael Vickey

Boy, you have a very nice press. My LG was junk when I purchased it. Your press should print great .

Here are two people I purchased rollers from:

Both be able to help you.

Call if I can help.

Aaron 281-455-0050

A bit late commenting…

from the cylinder towards the deliver, you have four rubber form rollers that go in the bottom locks with a steel oscillator on top of each set of two. Against the fountain you have a rubber ductor, a steel oscillator and another rubber roller in the bottom lock.

Suckers can be gotten online or from any good press supply dealer. Most all suckers ever made are still available in some flavor.

I believe the heater is for printing carbon on paper. This was common before NCR.

Mine has been wrapped up in storage for many years now so it’s all a little fuzzy.

The Little Giant Model 6 has 3 form rollers, not 4.

Rollers are:
3 steel vibrator rollers
3 form rollers
1 ductor roller
2 distributor rollers

The form rollers and distributor rollers are identical. The ductor roller is the same diameter (2” max), but the rubber is offset on the core.

The heater in the pictures is for drying the ink at the delivery end. These were made in various configurations for gas or electric operation. The heater pictured above is the only one I’ve seen still on a Little Giant. Instead, all others I’ve seen (including mine) have the Flo-Mix spray unit from ATF, or no anti-offset unit at all.