lost truck

Strange question but need help. The other day I was putting the rollers on my 10X15 Old Style C/P when the truck on the left side popped off. Problem I can’t find it. Three people have crawled around the floor looking for the truck. My studio isn’t that large, 12 X 16 so the search was pretty complete. I’m wondering if there is someplace on the press it might have fallen and can’t be seen? I looked the press over pretty closely with the afternoon sun creating a lot of light. Or someplace else?


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Did you have a door open at the time? Those things are wheels and if it landed right it could be in the next county by now! :-)


jtbbennic, more than likely its in the press, don’t cycle the press if it has fallen into the press its probably wedged some where. best james

Look behind the chase bed. Under the ink disc. Feel in around there.

Winfred Reed
Black Diamond Press (Kentucky)

Possibly *Up Lighter* low down within the base of the main frame, with Hand Held, Double Sided, vanity/shaving mirror, having one side with *Parabolic* face, Up lighter directional? Parabolic mirror directional to view? Or possibly compressed air blast gun, Shoot it out (if it is lodged in/on a cross member) that is a double edged sword, you possibly retrieve lost parts from previous times, nuts, washers, split pins etc, but all the crap as well, maybe a + lost parts have less soft ledges to hide on. Last option,! if available, Magnetic Quoin, taped (securely) to D.I.Y. Swan Neck non magnetic handle, just “Go Fishing*. Has been done often, & have caught the *One(s) that got away* long long time ago.
Good luck.