How do I dispose of unwanted type?

I’ve got some oxidized type that I want to get rid of. How do I do that? It’s not recyclable; I don’t want to dump it. Will scrap metal recyclers take it?


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They will happily take it. Don’t let them rip you off.

You can try and sell it on Ebay under linotype lead. People who make bullets will but it for at least a dollar a pound compared to a penny a pound at the recyclers. You can ship it USPS anywhere in the country priority mail.” If it fits, it ships” (Just make sure you put, USA only)

Sell it to Sky Shipley of Skyline Type Foundry. If it goes to scrappers there’ll be less typemetal in the world. If it goes to Sky, there’ll be new type. Maybe he’ll even do credit toward fresh type!

Michael Hurley
Titivilus Press
Memphis, TN

Is it just the typeface oxidized? If so, reducing the typepiece to lead height provides a great source of quadding material. Or, inquire at a local Rod&Gun club; both fisherman and hunter are ready users. Considering the price received for small amounts of metal, the PR in dealing with neighbours is priceless. :o)