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I’m looking to create my own wood type and I’m not sure what type of wood to invest in. Does anyone know what what kind of wood people traditionally used to create wood type? I’m not sure if there’s already a thread about something like this-but if anyone has any suggestions on what to use/or how to approach the project, I’ll be all ears!

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Your best bet would be to contact Scott Moore of Moore Wood Type. Not only does he make marvelous wood type and ornaments, but he also prepares and planes the wood stock that he uses, and I believe that he can also provide type-high blocks to others interested in trying their hands at this. He will know the best type of wood, etc. He can be e-mailed at: moorewoodtype”at”gmail.com.

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Hi Rick,

Thanks so much for your advice! I’ll be reaching out to him soon!


Hard Maple, plained and sanded to a finished .918, carving on the end grain, using Shellac to seal the wood.