(Need quick help) C&P - disassemble & main shaft removal

I have a C&P 10x15 that I need to partially disassemble to get it into a space… the manual I’m referencing ( http://excelsiorpress.org/Chandler_and_Price/index.html ) says that partially stripped it will fit through a 31.5” space. I need it to fit through 34”, so that would work.

I need to figure out if/how the main shaft can be removed so that I can fit it through the 34” space since the shaft itself is about 41” long. I can’t find any references/images online.

Can someone confirm that it can be removed and/or have a resource online that I can reference?

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Yes it can be removed. You’ll need to pull the pinion gear on the right side of the press and then remove the collar (3 screws, I believe) on the left side of the press. You don’t need to remove the flywheel, but it will make the shaft more manageable to do so. Once that collar is remove you can easily pull the shaft through the frame of the press.

If you have any questions let me know.


In order to get the pinion gear off you need to get the key out first. If you can pull the key all well and good. If not, don’t do like i did and use a big gear puller and bust the gear. Push the gear inwards (piece of hard wood and heavy hammer) so that you can get the tapered key out. This is easier to do if the flywheel is still on on the other side of the press. You may need a helper. Good luck.

I just moved a 10x15 OS through a 35” doorway and up 5 steps from a basement where it lived since 1961. Through the process, we pulled the shaft, flywheel, and disconnected the roller frames and bed. The disassembly was actually much simpler than it first appeared. The hardest part was pulling the pinion key. We used the method that Steve already mentioned. A little leverage on the key and it popped right out.

If you need any help, let me know through a private message. I have pictures of many of the portions of disassembly.

Good luck!

An add-on to the original question: I have the same need of getting my 10x15 through a smallish doorway, but my main shaft is set up to receive a treadle- it has a “u” bend in it. Is this type of shaft also removable? I’m having some trouble finding info about pulling that particular type of shaft. I’ve pulled the straight shaft from my 8x12 with relative ease, but am having a hard time wrapping my brain around this one. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

ClandestinePress, look on the frame where the shaft passes through it. There should be a bolted-on shaft bearing inserted into the frame opening for the shaft. You will need to remove the flywheel, or the spur gear on the shaft (I don’t remember which side of the frame the flange is, though I believe it is on the gear side), then unbolt the flange and there will be under it a cutout for the crank to pass through, so you can slide it out of the frame.


IIRC, 10x15NS has the cutout for the hump on the flywheel side, so the pinion gear comes off and shaft is extracted flywheel side. Easier with flywheel off too.

I can’t recall of the press needs to be open or closed for the hump to clear the platen. Be careful manipulating the press with the pinion gear or flywheel off, it can move very fast.

When replacing the flange/bearing, ensure the oil port is facing up.

Yes, probably best to tie the platen/bed closed with a ratchet tie-down to prevent it moving, or open all the way, to prevent movement. Also it helps to make note of the crank position and return the shaft to the same position when reinstalling, especially if you use a treadle.


Thanks so much AdLibPress and AnonyMouse! It hadn’t occurred to me there might be a cutout under the flange. All makes sense now. Much obliged!