Is this a C&P OS 10x15?

Hello everybody!

I am looking at purchasing my first press. The seller states this is a C&P OS 10x15 press. What is throwing me off though it that she says it is only 36” wide. (Although she also says it weighs about 400 pounds) Are there any visual clues that could tell you if this is a 10x15 or 8x12?

The press is about 3 hours away from me. While I would prefer a 10x15, I probably would not turn down a 8x12. Just want to know before I head down there. Also, while you are looking at the pictures, does anything ‘wrong’ jump out at you?

Thank you for your time. I have learned a great deal on here already and look forward to my continued education here.


image: IMG_0591.JPG


image: IMG_0592.JPG


image: IMG_0595.JPG


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The proportions look like an 8x12 to me.

I don’t see a chase or rollers, but other than that don’t see anything obvious

C&P 8x12 OS—the seller is probably measuring the size of the platen. Even people who use these presses often order the wrong sized rollers or tympan because they’ve never figured out what they have.

One other “minor” detail is that even an 8x12 is going to weigh at least 1,000 lbs. - not something a couple of big guys can simply pick-up and carry around. Plan appropriately.


have to be there and turn it over by hand… then things wrong will “jump out”.

there is a single bracket in the back near the ink disc, this is usually for a pony fountain, maybe one is there for this press.

Are there any easy ways to tell what size press it is when I go to look at it? I don’t want to rely on the serial number as that may be covered with old ink and I’m not sure the owner would let me clean it. The whole ‘trust me, I know what I’m doing’ thing might not fly. I’m guessing the bed size and ink disc will be a different size from the 10x15 but I don’t know what either of those two dimensions are on either a 8x12 or 10x15 OS. I can find plenty of info on the NS but not the OS presses.


That looks like an 8x12. Ask the owner to send you the serial you can look it up prior to making the trip to see/purchase it. When I purchased my press, I sent directions to the owner on how to find the serial number (along with an image and an arrow!)

go to they have the full dimensions for both presses. Ink disc 13 3/4 on 8x12 and 17 1/4 on the 10x15. That is probably the easy way to tell. They also show the weights and widths to get through a doorway in several states of disassembly.

Even if the serial number is covered by ink, it’s pretty easy to find it carved out on the top left corner of the the platen. There also isn’t any reason why there would be ink on that part of the press, unless the person was just blatantly careless.

Her measurements might be correct, but did you ask her what she was measuring? If she was measuring the base, or the side of the composing wood do the edge of the flywheel, etc. She may have simply not measured the correct things. Having her measure the platen/chases is probably the best way to know.

Top-left corner of the bed… where the chase goes.