Challenge Paper Trimmer Wobbly Clamp?

i have a 26 inch old Challenge that exhibits a bit of a problem, I think. The clamp wobbles as you screw it down over a few inches to the paper. Is there something that is supposed to prevent that? I haven’t taken apart the wheel and looked at the sleeve at the top that has a (broken) pin thru it and thru the clamp screw. It seems loose, but I can’t figure out how to tighten if, if that is necessary. Any ideas anyone?

image: image.jpg


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First check to be sure the screw isn’t bent or worn sloppy in the nut — if it’s perfectly true then perhaps the problem is in the attachment between the screw and clamp bar.


Yeah, the screw does seem to be worn and not a tight fit anymore. Thanks!


are there “gibs” along the side of the clamp that can be snugged up? these are adjustable pads made to take up any “slop” in the clamp bar. i doubt the screw is the precision part here as it does wear.
if i am incorrect, sorry. just a thought.

I’ll have to look more closely for any gibs. Would they be on the sides of the clamp, kinda like the ones that hold the blade? I wonder what the function of that barrel or sleeve around the screw at the top is.