Foil Stamping Unit for Chandler and Price

Hi all!

Does anyone know if and where I can get a foil stamping unit for a Chandler and Price? Were foil stamping units ever designed for this press?


Sugar Schultz

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the foil unit is quite involved. especially if you want to keep the inking unit…. a heating unit would also be needed. what size press? and where are you?

Hi ericm!

Sorry for the tardy reply.

The press is 8x10, and I would need a heating unit as well. I have three C&P’s, so I would use one just for foiling.

I’m in Glendale, California.

Actually, I just purchased a Heidelberg windmill 10 x 15 and was wondering if you had a resource for that as well. With this recent purchase, I think I would prefer to put a foil stamping unit on that, instead, but would appreciate any advice you could give me.

Thank you, and thank you for being so active on the boards. I’ve sincerely learned a lot from reading your posts. :-)

Sugar Schultz