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I am a hobby letterpress junky. We have just moved into our first house and have been dealing with all the new house issues, one being home owner’s insurance. They say I cannot have any hazardous waste on the property. This is understandable, but now I am trying to figure out what materials I need to find replacements for!
I have found a no voc press wash that looks pretty good. Are my oil and rubber based inks really hazardous waste? (They don’t seem any more dangerous than the house paint I have in my garage.) If so, what can I use? I love my oil based inks!
Sorry if I am being dense, my brain is more than overworked at the moment.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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There is a great difference between hazardous waste and hazardous materials. Some of the materials you need to use may be flammable, but will not be considered hazardous any more than other flammable materials like paint thinners or the paints themselves.

Hazardous waste is material which has been used in an industrial process and is being stored for future disposal. If you put your dirty rags, etc. in your garbage outside, for your regular pickup, that resolves the issue, I would think. If you have paints on the property, inks and solvents should be no more of an issue.

John Henry

you should ask your insurance agent/company. There are the only ones that can answer your question with certainty and not risk your coverage.


John Henry, that is what I was thinking as well, but I will check with my insurance agent.

Thank you for your responses.

Glad you are checking with your agent. Please share on here with the community what they say so that you can help other’s with the same question down the road.

Just FYI: We print out of our basement and keep things from our rubber and oil based inks to Naptha and press wash. They are more concerned with hazardous waste. Take for instance your garage is filled with all kinds of hazardous chemicals from oil for the car to fertilizers, pesticides and Round Up, but it is not considered waste. They just don’t want you keeping spent fuel cells from nuclear reactors on site ;-)

Checked with my insurance agent, and good news! He said not to worry about the inks or solvents. He said they didn’t seem any more dangerous than paint and paint thinners which are fine to have on the property.
I was just being an over cautious first time homeowner :)

Thank you all for the help!

I got the same runaround initially from my landlord. I think he must have thought I was keeping 50 gallon drums of kerosene onsite or something. Once I explained it was a gallon or two of mineral spirits, he chilled out.