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My husband and I just inherited a printing press. We think that it is a Sigwalt Ideal No 3 press. It is fully functional. In additional, there is a lot of font types and decorative stamps. We don’t have much knowledge in this area and we are looking to sell the entire collection as we do not have the space for this hobby. The problem is that we don’t know where to begin to determine “fair market value”, confirm press model, how/where to advertise and all that good stuff. We welcome any advice. We would love to have it go to a home where it will be appreciated as much as our Uncle did.

Labeled Fonts:
Cheltenham 3/4” letters
6&12ptcopperplate gothic
12pt gothic bold
12pt gothic
12pt copperplate
6&10pt century schoolbook
10pt caslon bold
12pt caslon
14&18pt brushmark
18pt lydian
14pt karnak
14pt script
24pt gallia
24&30pt homewood
30pt caslon oldstyle

Thank you for your advice!

image: IMG_0982.JPG


image: IMG_0015.JPG


image: IMG_0017.JPG


image: IMG_0007.JPG


image: IMG_0984.JPG


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Where are you located? I teach art at Toledo School for the Arts in Ohio, and we got a letterpress earlier this year. I would love to add to our collection of type, and could certainly use some of the other items as well. I would be interested in possibly buying some of it, or, If you find you want to donate any of it, our financial office could provide you with a tax deductible form. Are you anywhere near Ohio?

It does look like a nice little Sigwalt. Hard for me to say which one…the inside dimensions of the chase (rectangular iron frame) would be useful information. It’s worth quite a bit though its hard to say how much. A lot depends on where it is located. Shipping such a setup is expensive and prone to breaking things, so try and sell locally.

If you’re feeling generous and truly want to get it into the hands of someone who will treasure it, as opposed to making money, offer it up here in the ads for $300 and then sell it to the person who appeals to you most. I’ve got a few students who’d love a press but can’t afford a tabletop and don’t have room for a bigger press.

It’s located in the Metro Detroit area (Michigan).

Wow - I would really love the chance to purchase some of the type, furniture, and reglets for my school! Please check out the TSA website ( if you would like - I would be more than happy to drive up and get whatever you would like to part with type- and furniture-wise so you won’t even have to pack/ship it! Let me know!

To clarify, I would not be getting the press itself as we already have one.

I would be interested in making you an offer please call me at 516-633-5107.
American Graphic Equip. Corp.