Can anyone identify this?

We have a number of these in different Pt Sizes and cannot find them in any of our resource books. is there a name for them ?

image: cornersjpg.jpg


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Without giving you a specific name for this, it appears to be the second color of a two-color border. I would also hazard a guess that because it is a square unit and has the 90-degree angle that it most likely would be part of a corner piece of such a border.


As the corner of the angle is dead center on the Body, this reminded me of something I did ages ago than I ran a Monotype Plant. I custom cut mats to give me a Trim mark on multi page Forms.

This reminds me of that.

Thanks for the help. We were not sure if they were border pieces or used for another purpose.

Looks to me like the little right angles which are used to print the corners of address areas on forms and envelopes, for example.

The only reason I don’t see this as just a tic mark is that the ends are beveled (down the beard, so not just dinged) and it sits in so much dead area; you couldn’t butt it against a form with any bleed. That suggests it could be the corner piece of a multicolor border.